Premarital counseling (or coaching) is customized for each couple within a set of common objectives using a structured tool to guide us through our sessions.
The Prepare-Enrich marriage program is the primary tool I use for our work together. Prepare-Enrich is the most widely used tool in the United States – having been experienced by some 2.5 million couples. In addition to the Prepare-Enrich program our sessions are supplemented by other tools as needed.
The primary objective of our sessions is to facilitate dialogue between the couple and provide tools that can be used in marriage. Every couple I have worked with has found the and tools helpful going forward.
Session topics include (but not necessarily limited to):
  • Identifying your relationship’s current Strengths and Growth areas
  • Communications
  • Personal Stress Profile
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Management (daily budgeting, life insurance, retirement planning, etc.)
  • Leisure Activities
  • Individual Love Languages
  • Sex and Affection
  • Relationship Roles
  • Spiritual Beliefs
  • Marriage Expectations
  • Children and Parenting
  • Family Mapping (family of origin communications styles, issues, etc)
  • Personality Profile
  • Reviewing Marriage Goals
Based on our first couple of sessions, I may ask you to complete a couple of additional questionnaires – one of which is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory.
Each questionnaire obtains information about the couple’s communication and conflict resolution style, love language, and personality type.
There is homework between sessions.
Most couples require 4 – 6 sessions (but it can be more if you wish) depending on the couple’s needs.
Premarital counseling fees are:
  • $150 per each individual session (sessions are 90 minutes)
  • A one-time $50 fee is charged for administering/scoring the questionnaires and workbooks.
Jeff Maszal is a trained and experienced pastoral counselor.
His training, experience, and certifications include:
  • Prepare – Enrich certification
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) certification
  • Certified Crisis Worker (American Association of Suicidology certification)
  • Seven years as the Director of Crisis Intervention Programs
  • Former Hospital Chaplain
  • Five units (semesters) of supervised Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) practicum training
  • Trained/experienced working in the addictions field and with abuse survivors